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Gmor, India’s fastest-growing supermarket chain, is experiencing rapid growth. More than 1200+ international and national brands have partnered with us, and they have now trusted us. Some companies are industry leaders, such as Unilever and Pepsico, Danone’s, Danone, Kellogg’s, Mars, Mondelez, and many others. Although you may need to become more familiar with them, you use their products daily. We are one of India’s largest supermarket franchises, with over 20,000+ products.

Their dreams are becoming a reality! And this is just the beginning! Some companies are industry leaders, such as Unilever and Pepsico, Danone and Danone, Kellogs and Mars, Mondelez, Pepsico, Danone, and Danone. These brands may need to be more well-known, but you use their products daily. These brands offer a variety of categories and subcategories, which gives us a total of 20,000+ products to market, making us one of the largest supermarket franchises in India. Read more..

G-Mor Franchise Model

1. Appointment : You can get appointed as a franchisee of G-MOR by proceeding through a proper process. It is easier but you need to be professional.

2. Your site survey : Grocery items are the daily needs of all. But still, before giving you a franchise, we need to survey your site, the demand of your customers and based upon it, G-MOR will decide.

3. Appointment franchise verification : We need to verify so many things regarding the franchise business.

4. Area code activation : We have different codes based on areas where we have our franchise business. So before you start your franchise, we will assure you of an activated area code.

5. Handling over welcome kit : After all these steps, we will love to hand over you the welcome kit for your new franchise business.

6. Opening of the franchise : With these few steps, you are done. G-MOR welcome you to its family. You can open your grocery shop as a franchisee of G-MOR in your area.

Requirement and Investment to become a G-MOR Franchise

Why Choose G-MOR?

Get assistance with product purchase and refilling. Gmor can help with product selection, investment, and refilling. Our research team will ensure that your supermarket or grocery store has the right products. Our team can help you with branding and marketing your grocery franchise. Because it is our brand, our branding and marketing team can help with your marketing and branding. We can also offer backend support. Online management software will be required. Backend support would also be needed. Our team will be there to help you whenever you need them.

Gmor Groceries offers regular discounts and specials on over 20000 products. We will notify you of regular sales offers so your shop is always stocked. We can also assist with HR training and hiring. We can help you with staff hiring and training. We understand the importance of quality staff for Supermarket franchises and will help you with HR training and hiring. All this is for a cost that can quickly be recovered in as approx 10-14 months. You are wrong to think that this will require you to sell your life savings. In approx 10-14 months, the investment can be quickly recouped.



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